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Hervey Bay is one of those unique places that is the ideal place to come for a holiday and it’s a wonderful place to live too.

Hervey Bay Information lets you choose which path you want to follow.

Follow the “holiday” path and you will get all the relevant information you need if you’re coming for a holiday. Follow the “living” path and you will get all the relevant information that you need to make an informed decision about living in Hervey Bay.

8 great reasons for choosing Hervey Bay.

For a holiday

To live

  • 4 and 5 star accommodation

  • Outstanding restaurants and cafes

  • Award winning wineries nearby

  • Kilometres of beach to enjoy

  • Adventure on Fraser Island

  • Whale watching, adventure cruises and more on the water

  • History and heritage everywhere you go

  • Plenty of fun for the whole family

  • Clean air and plenty of space

  • Sunshine and warm winters

  • A peak hour that lasts 10 minutes

  • Direct flights to Brisbane and Sydney.

  • Great schools, a TAFE and a Uni campus

  • Healthcare in modern and well-equipped hospitals

  • Shopping options as good as a capital city

  • Plenty of sporting clubs and facilities

So, whether you’re coming to Hervey Bay for a holiday or thinking about coming to live, have a look at everything this great place has to offer.

It’s a beautiful place that’s not overcrowded and has plenty to offer everyone.